How to supply your artwork for booklets, magazines and brochures that are stapled

Artwork for printed booklets, magazines and brochures (stapled)

We will paginate (set-up) your artwork so that the pages fit on a paper sheet in the most economical way. Printing presses have a set-up charge and then a cost per hour for running and a fee for consumables (paper and ink) A double-sided B2 printer will print 8 A4 pages in one go (or 16 A5 pages) and will run at around 10,000 B2 sheets per hour

So by supplying the pages as single pages we can then move these around to fit the press and folding machines. If you only require 100 odd copies then we will use a different printing press than if you required 100,000 copies.

How we Like the artwork

  1. Please supply a single file multipage press-ready PDF
  2. 1 x PDF file, single pages, with 3mm bleed, no crops.
  3. Page size with bleed is an extra 6mm wide and an extra 6mm deep when checking. We trim this extra off. (see below)
  4. Please ensure the text is in a safe area at least 3-5 mm in from the page edge.
  5. Please ensure all RGB images and colours are specified as CMYK for the most accurate colour output.
  6. All images need to be 300dpi at 100% size for the best results.



What to check

  1. Remember all stapled publications have a page count that is divisible by 4.
  2. The safe area is just a way of saying keep text, graphs or anything that does not want chopping off 5mm away from the edge of the page.
    For example. Make sure page numbers are 5mm away from the edges.
  3. To check images. Crudely just zoom in 200%. Do they still look crisp?
  4. CMYK to RGB. We will do this for you, but very occasionally, you do get some changes in colour.
  5. Page sizes.  With bleed, adds an extra 3mm all around a page. As an example the A5 page with bleed is 154mm W x 216mm D and this gives a trimmed (finished) size of 148mm W x 210mm D
    If you have Adobe Acrobat simply check the page size by hovering your cursor over the bottom left corner of your document once it has been saved as a PDF.
  6. Colour consistency. Please note that we (nor anyone else) can guarantee an exact colour match if your job is printed CMYK. This is perfectly normal.
    Please be assured that your job will be printed within tolerance and to ISO standards. Different presses and paper stocks (as all inks are transparent) will also affect colour consistency.
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