Very few people are sold marketing but everyone at some point has been sold advertising and usually with very poor results. In fact we come across clients who don’t actually know what results they are getting from their advertising budgets!

Advertising can be a very good way to generate leads and sales to grow your business. The main reason that most ads don’t work is because they are designed to promote the brand or product by looking good. If you are a organisation with very large pockets then this is a very good way of making your audience aware of your product or you as an organisation. Television, radio, billboards and posters are particularly good at this form of awareness. If you have an event or sale and the targeted traffic / readership if high enough, then you can get good responses.

At RWPGROUP we like things to be a little more measurable. In 1923 Claude C Hopkins write a short book on advertising entitled ‘Scientific Advertising’ (you can get your free copy here) in chapter 2 Claude wrote – ‘ The only purpose of advertising is to make a sale. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales.’ At RWP we believe that advertising is salesmanship. In other words most ads don’t work because they do nothing to motivate people to act. They just present an image, an organisation’s logo and some contact details.  We can advise you on your advertising but as a rule we rarely recommend ‘awareness’ advertising. While you have their attention why not ask for some type of action?

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